.: Peppermint Cookies :. { Private roleplay with Pepperswirl }

This was it. He had promised himself to go through with this for weeks now and there was no turning back. Sprintz already prepared the gift for the person in mind and was currently on his way out the door to meet her. Once he hopped in the cart, it sped off towards where he wanted to go. Candycane forest was the place in mind. The whole drive, the cookie male was biting his lips and contemplating on what to say once he got there. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Sprintz swerved down the road and continued his way to the center of the forest where he knew she usually hung out. The cart came to a hault with a slight screech from the brakes, much to his dislike. “Pepper? Y-You here?” The boy called out as he pulled off his helmet and tossed it in the driver’s seat after he climbed out to look around. His gloved hands were behind his back, twiddling around nervously.

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    Sprintz’s heart seemed to melt and fly off at the sight, leaving him a gushy mess leaning against her shoulder while...
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    Pepper did the thing that made him so apparently happy. When she thought about it, she never really did smile until he...
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